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The Hartman Group's World of Occasions
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A little complex but hang with us, it's worth it.

Occasion-based strategy is about knowing the right context. People do not consume according to demographics or segments. People consume based on occasions. Occasions are the cultural context that surrounds need states and gives marketers the ability to be truly relevant with consumers and shoppers. Because of this, consumers choose different categories and brands based on the occasion.

Occasion-based strategy offers cultural context to marketing and innovation based on real category culture, driven by:

  • Trendsetters — consumers, shoppers
  • Specialized media/blogosphere
  • Specialty retailers
  • Mainstream media
  • Mainstream retailers

Key Occasion-Based Needs — EX: The Culture of FoodTM

EX: Cultural Context Frames Occasions: CPG / Food Retail

Consumers choose different categories and brands based on the occasion

EX: The Cultural Context of Cheeses

Consumers select different brands within the same category based on the occasion

A look at the Cultural Context of...

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