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The Hartman Group's World of Occasions
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Isolate target growth occasion(s) Conduct custom category-level research to identify target growth occasions for your business unit, specific brand or specific category
Competitive analysis Competitive retailer analysis according to your target occasions' scope of needs
Occasion-specific strategies Customized strategies designed to help you capitalize on strengths and mitigate weaknesses for each occasion
Holistic marketing Connect your brand to target growth occasions through integrated brand marketing, shopper marketing and retail sales efforts
New product innovation Identify white space and consumption contexts for new product development, portfolio management and/or or base business optimization
Shopper innovation Inform category management, SKU analysis, merchandising, and key shopper touchpoints across the retail environment
Packaging innovation Brand appropriateness, positioning, narrative reinforcement, design
Bring occasions to life Language, visuals, emotions and context to differentiate, communicate and better capture your target occasions

Any category, brand or experience — call us...we live for this stuff.

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