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The Hartman Group's World of Occasions

We build worlds. What world of occasions would you like us to build for you?

Consumers are changing, causing shifts in the marketplace. As consumers continue to push culture and lifestyles forward to places unimagined, it is imperative for companies to understand the social, cultural and economic context for consumer and shopper perceptions of brands, products and retail experiences within a given area of consumption—or what we call "WORLDS."

The Hartman Group is ideally positioned to be the architects of your consumer or shopper-driven world. Since 1989, we have been listening loudly to the underlying motivations and behaviors that move the needle for our clients. We blend leading-edge customized research and consulting to understand the subtle complexities of consumer behavior. We are an organization of more than 40 passionate (yet disciplined) social scientists, ethnographers, cultural analysts, and marketers committed to one goal: your success.

The Hartman Group is immersed in consumers' and shoppers' lives and lifestyles. We're on a journey to understand the where, when, what, how and, more importantly, the "why" behind their purchase decisions and consumption behaviors. To learn more about how we can help fuel your creative desires, identify growth opportunities, propel strategic development and build your worlds, contact:

Michelle Barry, Ph.D., Senior Vice President The Hartman Group, Inc (425) 452 0818 x101

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